Sustainable Region: Santarém

Sustainable Region: Santarém



To raise the awareness of Santarém high school and polytechnic students with regards do their power to take actions that contribute to a more sustainable and ethical Santarem. To prepare the youth of Santarem for the future: To think and imagine the future; To become able to build it.


Phase 1 – October 2014 to June 2015

Phase 2 – October 2015 to June 2016


After interacting with Santarém students via a debate, the K-Evolution will create an ecosystem in Santarém, where high schools and polytechnics will work together for 2 years in identifying actions that could make Santarem more sustainable (Phase 1)

We aim with this experiment to involve the students, teachers, school staff and other elements of society, to increase the dynamic of possible objective solutions that can turn Santarém into a more sustainable city and Municipality(Phase 2)


K-Evolution will manage, monitor and increase the dynamics of the “Sustainable Santarém” project as follows:
  • Perform debate and training sessions with the students;
  • Develop an internship within the field of Education for Sustainability for a student of the Santarém School of Higher Education;
  • Develop a credited training course about sustainability for the teachers that become involved with the project;
  • To accompany all of the project's steps and increase the dynamism of the various work sessions.
This project is institutionally supported by the City Council of Santarém. The K Evolution and the city council are both working on this project, and seeking an investment for its implementation. The estimated budget is 35,000 euros.