Democracy and Environment

Democracy and Environment


To enhance the development of civil society through the promotion of information and the civic participation of youth in public discussions related to environmental issues, in order to contribute to the implementation of the Aarhus Convention

Between October 2014 and July 2015 we aim to develop this innovative project that brings together democratic values with environmental values.


  1. To work with other international organizations: InSpire Foundation from Norway, Democracy and Sustainability Platform from the United Kingdom, the World Resources Institute from the USA
  2. To perform an online questionnaire in order to understand both the Portuguese and Norwegian expectations in regards to the subject of the Environment and its relationship with the values of democracy
  3. Train 500 high school students about the issue of Democracy and the Environment
  4. Train 300 university students about the issue of Democracy and the Environment
  5. To establish partnerships with two international organizations about the issue of Environmental Democracy, Democracy and Sustainability Platform and to the World Resources Institute

 Outputs for the Portuguese Society

  1. Study entitled “The values of Democracy and the Environment”
  2. Training sessions to 4 pilot schools (2 private schools and 2 public schools within the great Lisbon region)
  3. Online training guide with contents that can be used by trainers, teachers or regional leaders
  4. A website in Portuguese about the Environment and Democracy 
  5. A book about “Environmental Democracy within the Context of the Green Economy”
  6. Policy Brief for Portugal regarding the role of environmental issues in the future of the Portuguese democracy which will be made available to all parliamentary leaders
  7. An international conference in Portugal about Democracy and the Environment

In order to develop this project in 2 private schools and 2 public schools as well as produce the identified outputs, it will be necessary to seek financial support of 45,000 euros.